Dot Net Development

For Partners that are also based on .Net integration with the PartnerHub can be super-charged by directly calling our ServiceModel assembly. This assembly is a simple .Net dll that describes all the operations and data types we support. Simply add the reference and off you go.

The code to use this assembly generally looks like the following, you can also download a sample app here.

ServiceStack v3 License

 Dim client As New XmlServiceClient("")
client.SetCredentials(username, password)

Dim req As New ContactGet With {.SerialNumber = "9991.QA", .LastName = "SMITH"}
Dim resp = client.Post(Of ContactGetResponse)(req)

Console.WriteLine("Get Via ServiceStack - {0} Contacts", resp.Contacts.Count)
For Each l In resp.Contacts
    Console.WriteLine("Code:{0,-15} Name: {1} {2}", l.Code, l.FirstName, l.LastName)

Console.WriteLine("All Done!")

You also have the option of directly posting XML via Linq2Xml but we strongly suggest you look at the Service Model assembly.

XSD and WDSL Validation is provided as-is. It is strictly use at your own risk.