Welcome to the Partner HUB

The PBS Partner HUB is the public API for PBS Partners to interact with the PBS ARISTOGOLD DMS. With this toolkit you have functionality for interacting with Customers, Vehicles, Appointments, Parts Invoices, and Repair Orders.

How Does this Work

Generally you're going to be using SOAP requests to communicate with the PartnerHub. We also accept direct XML, and JSON HTTP Posts along with some REST requests. Our suggestion is to look at the Meta Page and decide which communication medium works best for your toolkit.

To get started you should probably take a look at the Basics Page to get a "lay of the land" so to speak. Past that there are really two primary functions you're going to use - Querying for Information and Updating Information. Details on how those work are available in the corresponding pages.

How Things Roll

In order to use this API you need to be signed up as a PBS Partner. This process provides you with credentials we use to determine which dealerships you are allowed to interact with.